Proudly made in Portugal

MasterGuardian® manufactures safety and comfort systems.Fingerprint alarm System is an international reference.

About Us

MasterGuardian® manufactures quality and innovative Design security systems since 1982.

MasterGuardian® introduced the first worldwide microprocessor-based car alarm in 1985 changing the concept of vehicle protection for ever.

1987: the company launched the first car alarm with insurance (TRANQUILIDADE insurance company).

1993: MasterGuardian® remote control won the Design Award of the Portuguese Design Center.

1997: MasterGuardian® developed and manufactured the car alarm and all electronic modules for the EMME LOTUS 422T Sport car.

2003: MasterGuardian® surprised again the world with the first Fingerprint home alarm system with a Friendly user concept and a design acclaimed in all international Exhibitions.

MasterGuardian® Fingerprint home alarm was awarded the 2004 Sicurezza Design Award in Milan. This innovative model was awarded the Best New Intruder Alarm Product by the British Security Industry Association at IFSEC in 2006.

MasterGuardian® products are being used by almost one million users trusting Portuguese technology.