MasterGuardian® Solution

MasterGuardian® presents the most effective solution to protect your Family and your home.We surround your dwelling house with a virtual wall. This solution allows you to configure Zero Entry Delay, keeping the system connected with people at home and immediately move away any intruder before entering the house.

The virtual wall allows you to protect people remaining at home when the alarm is off. It has the advantage to move away the intruder immediately before being detected already inside the house.


At night it has the huge advantage of dispensing any alarm entry delay to not benefit the intruder. Maximum protection with more serenity.


The Perimeter Protection plays a fundamental dissuasive role by activating sound and light signals, phone calls to the 24 hour Alarm Center and/or programmed phones for this purpose, irrigation system, etc.

The study of known robberies allows to conclude that houses with alarms located in most isolated sites are subject to short duration burglaries whenever thieves benefit from the conventional entry delay of the traditional alarm systems.


The probability of being robbed is becoming more relevant every day. We suggest you to review the protection of what is most important in your life: your Family, and then your assets.

 MasterGuardian® protects some of the best houses in Europe.

Thought for yourself

MasterGuardian® will evaluate with you the most appropriate plan to ensure High Protection and Serenity.

We select the best solutions for your Video Surveillance, Intrusion, Perimeter Protection and Access Control systems.

MasterGuardian® develops special bunkers for people at high risk.

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